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Romans ~ All Have Sinned
Rom. 3:1-23
To have an advantage and not take it. That’s how chapter three begins. The Jewish people
before Christ were formed into their national existence by God Himself, then given the law
of Moses. They had the advantage of the law of Moses, God’s special care, the promises, etc.
Yet with most of them God was not pleased. They did not let the old law lead them to Christ
(which was really the purpose of that law).
Add to that, the tendency of some apostate Jews to blame God. Paul gives very swift response
to that: “Certainly not!” God is always right. “Let God be true, but every man a liar.”
Some would even argue that their unrighteousness was not guilt-worthy, since it “advertised”
God’s righteousness. Such twisted arguments come to the surface as absurd when men attempt
to justify their sin. To those who argue in such a fashion, Paul says “their condemnation is
In this part of chapter three, Paul is stripping away long held layers of delusion, leading to the
conclusion: “All have sinned.” The problem is sin, the gospel is the solution: THE ONLY
R. L. Wheeler is right when he says:
“If I had the wisdom of Solomon, the patience of John, the meekness of Moses, the strength
of Samson, the obedience of Abraham, the compassion of Joseph, the tears of Jeremiah, the
poetic skill of David, the prophetic voice of Elijah, the courage of Daniel, the greatness of
John the Baptist, the endurance and love of Paul, I would still need redemption through
Christ’s blood, the forgiveness of sin.” vi
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