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Romans ~ Transition from
the problem to the solution
Rom. 3:23-31
This section of Romans can be approached as the transition from the problem to the solution.
Paul has issued the indictment that all are guilty of sin. He will here introduce the solution
God gave.
Though all have sinned, God has a plan where we who have sinned can be “justified by His
grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” There you have the Good
News. The bad news has been given. Beginning here, Paul explains the gospel. [He is writing
to Christians, but they need to understand this with clarity. And, they need to be equipped to
explain this to others.]
In God’s concept of justice, it was necessary for sin to be punished. If God had just punished
every individual sinner on the spot, with the death penalty, of course we wouldn’t be here
talking about all this. Sin requires penalty, but God made the choice that His Son would bear
the penalty.
This shows God’s righteousness, forbearance and grace. God knew He would do this all along.
And, as to the sins committed before the cross, God would lay those against the same
atonement of the cross.
Grace is God’s benevolent attitude toward us. We are favored with the gift of salvation that
we could never earn.
Redemption means to buy back or buy out of. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, we
can be bought out of sin (see 1 Peter 1).
Propitiation is the offering of something that makes things right. The point here is – in the
death of Christ, God’s past forgiveness of sins (under the law) is shown to be just. Also, there
is the demonstration of His righteousness at the present time for all sinners to receive if they
want out of sin.
In Robert Turner’s Sermons On Grace, he speaks for every genuine recipient of Grace: “No
greater theme could occupy the mind of man. If it were not for God’s grace, no man could
possibly be saved (7).”
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