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Romans ~ Elderly Parents
Rom. 4:13-25
At this place in Romans, there is a contrast between righteousness by faith and
righteousness by law.
Righteousness by law means, “here are the rules. Keep them perfectly, and you
have a good relationship with God.” Righteousness by faith means – you have
sinned, but if you will hear, believe and obey God now (with genuine penitence),
you can have a good relationship with God, based on the death of Christ.
While there may have been Jews who were shocked by this – Paul teaches that
Abraham illustrates the later (righteousness by faith). Abraham did not earn
standing with God by his record of good conduct. He was receiving a gift; able
to have a good relationship with God by believing and doing what God said.
God made promises to Abraham. The promises were not contingent on
Abraham’s perfect life. God formed a nation through the offspring of Abraham;
the Messiah would come through that nation. In this, God also afforded us an
example of justification by faith.
Abraham’s faith was not only active, it included his clear concept of who God is.
He is the God “who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that
do not exist.”
One more thing. The Guinness Book of World Records used to have the entry,
that the oldest woman of record to give birth was 57. Later, as internet searches
came into use, the “world record” was updated, with an entry of a woman 66
years old. What’s missing?
Long before there was a Guinness and World Wide Web, the Bible revealed the
record: Genesis 17:17 with Genesis 21:1-7. Her name was Sarah, who gave birth
to Isaac in her 90s.Paul refers to this in Romans 4. But, it wasn’t written just to
register a record, nor just for the sake of Abraham. The words “were not written
for his sake alone, but for ours also. It will be counted to us who believe in Him
who raised from the dead Jesus our Lord,” (Rom. 4:23,24).
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