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Romans ~ What Justified People Have
Rom. 5:1-5
Being “justified by faith” means, a sinner has come to belief in Christ and that
belief is productive. The gift of salvation is received by what Paul calls, in
Romans 1:5, “the obedience of faith.” That isn’t earning or meriting salvation. It
is acting on faith to reach out and receive the gift that God offers based on the
death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
What do justified people have?
Peace with God is reconciliation with Him through Christ. A relationship that
is harmonious and without conflict.
Access into the room of God’s favor. Faith (as described by Paul in Romans)
is the door into the beautiful room of God’s favor. You cannot pay your way in,
earn your way in or break in or slip in. “The obedience of faith” is the door into
the room of God’s favor.
Rejoicing in Hope. Hope, as imparted by God through the gospel of Christ, is
not a distant dream. It is what the justified person has now and holds to with joy.
With this hope, the justified person is able to rejoice even in suffering, knowing
that the endurance of suffering has a good product – character.
God’s love has revealed all this to us. Quoting from Robert Turner’s book
(Reading Romans) – God’s “…message of love has been poured out in our
hearts, written there by the Holy Spirit (Heb. 8:10; 2 Cor. 3:3,6,12) who was given
to us as we receive and cherish the Spirit-inspired word (1 Cor. 2:13).”
If you find all of this attractive, remember, the requirement is faith in Christ, as
described by Paul in Romans.
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