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Romans ~ Who He Died For
Rom. 5:6-11
In the opening verses of Romans five, the apostle Paul describes in beautiful
terms, what justified people have. Those who have responded to Christ
(“obedience of faith,” 1:5), have peace with God, access into grace, joy in
suffering and the value of character development when suffering.
Now beginning with verse 6 of Romans five – Paul gets back to the price that
was paid for these blessings to be available. Sinners are portrayed as “weak” and
at enmity with God. Yet “at the right time” God demonstrated His love
supremely through the death of Christ. (God’s timing is always perfect.)
Because of this, we can be justified by His blood. That is, because of the giving
of His lifeblood, faith in Christ not only provides forgiveness now. But, Paul
says, “much more,” we (God’s people) shall be saved from the wrath of God.
This is called “reconciliation to God.” It is “by the death of Christ.” It is a cause
of rejoicing in the hearts of those faithful to Christ. Not everybody can say this
next phrase. Christians can. “We have now received reconciliation.”
We encourage you to read Romans 5:1-11, and ask yourself – Do I have what
Paul describes? If you don’t, go back into Romans and let Paul tell you what
your response to Christ ought to be. If you do have what Paul describes, keep it,
rejoice in it and live your life in gratitude and praise to God – who “at the right
time,” demonstrated His love toward us.
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