Romans Podcast Expository Files 2018 Berkley - Page 25

Romans ~ Two Men
Rom. 5:12-21
Here are two men every Bible student will recognize: Adam and Christ.
Through Adam, death came into the human race. It started with him and death
continued thereafter. And of course, everybody after Adam sinned … except …
Christ. God makes it possible for the “death sentence” that came through Adam
to be reversed. This is only possible through Jesus Christ. So, what started with
Adam is reversed by Christ, and Christians are the recipients of that free gift.
There is nothing here that says, “we sin because Adam sinned.” We die because
Adam sinned. But sin is not imposed on us through some mysterious genetics or
inheritance. Sin is chosen, but the wages sin earns can be cancelled by responding
to Jesus Christ.
Adam is an example of what happens when a man stands or falls on his own
performance. Adam fell. We often talk about Genesis 3 as “the fall.” We were
hurt by that (death) but not guilty because of it. Nowhere does the Bible say,
“because Adam fell, we sinned or we inherited his guilt.”
Are you now related to Adam or Christ? If you continue to disobey God, you
show your fellowship with Adam. If you give up disobedience and follow the
footsteps of Jesus, you show your fellowship with God.
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