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Romans ~ The “Grace Card” Forbidden
Rom. 6:1-4
There is a flow of thought near the end of Romans 5 that becomes the lead idea
into Romans 6. Identifying that makes the study of chapter six easier.
Near the end of chapter 5, Paul makes the point that “where sin increased, grace
abounded all the more.” Think of it like this. God’s grace through the gospel of
Christ, not only takes the respondent out of sin. More than just that, God’s grace
enables and empowers the obedient believer to serve Him after baptism.
In chapter six, Paul anticipates an argument that would “play the grace card,” as
permission to continue in sin. He forbids that.
“Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound?” His answer is, “By no
means,” or (KJV) “God forbid.” He goes on. How can we die to sin (by obeying
the gospel of Christ) but then live in it? How can we live in what we have died
Then he explains. In baptism we receive the benefit of Christ’s death (“baptized
into Christ”). At the same time, we die to sin, leaving that way of death for the
way of life God provides.
Grace cannot be offered as a reason to resume a sinful life. On the contrary,
grace should have such impact on us – we receive the gift initially in baptism,
then keep it through continued faith, walking in newness of life.
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