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Romans ~ Now, No Condemnation
Rom. 8:1-11
In the seventh chapter of Romans, Paul takes us to gratitude. He had struggled
to be right with God by keeping the law, but had failed. This failure caused him
to be responsive and grateful when he heard the gospel. “Thanks be to God
through Jesus Christ our Lord!”
That stanza of gratitude is enlarged in Romans eight. NOW, as a Christian, Paul
said, there is “no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” He speaks of
the life of a Christian – not as someone sold under sin (as in chapter 7) – but
instead: “set free in Christ … righteous … walking according to the Spirit not
the flesh … not hostile to God, but sincerely submissive to God … having the
Spirit of Christ … living a life of righteousness, knowing that Christ Jesus was
raised from the dead.”
So, the gratitude that you hear at the end of chapter seven – is justified and
enriched by Paul’s discourse about who Christians are, here in the first part of
Romans 8.
Let me ask, are you attracted to those three words that open this chapter, “Now
No Condemnation?” As you think about the person described back in chapter
seven, and the Jewish burdens of traditions – are you attracted to this expression,
“Now No Condemnation?’
If you are, look back into Romans and read the book of Acts, to discover what
you need to do – to live in this condition, of not being condemned by your sin.
You can become an heir with Christ, looking to future glory, as God strengthens
you to live according to the Spirit.
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