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Romans ~ Calling On The Name of the Lord
Rom. 10
This section of Romans (chapters 9-11) is about the misunderstanding of some
Jews who were not clear about God’s plan to end the Theocratic Jewish Nation
(Israel) and take into the new spiritual (Israel) Kingdom of Christ anyone (Jew
or Gentile). Chapter nine places stress on the sovereignty of God. Chapter ten
demonstrates why some of the Jewish race were lost.
Paul was praying for all lost Jews, that they might (1) add the knowledge of the
gospel to their zeal, (2) consider Christ to be “the end of the law,” (3) give up
any racial pride to embrace the truth: “…there is no distinction between Jew and
Gentile,” and (4) accept the truth that God’s hand was still extended to “a
disobedient and contrary people.”
I want to call attention to these two highlights:
The Jews who were lost, were not lost because they were Jews. They were lost
because they had not “obeyed the gospel,” (verse 16). God – as the previous
chapter proves and as chapter eleven will repeat – does not just mark people off
as lost because of their race. Remember, the cause of being lost is SIN (Rom.
“Faith comes from hearing … the word of Christ,” (verse 17). Jews needed
to understand, faith is not transmitted by blood or tribe. Faith that causes one to
obey Christ comes from learning about Christ and being convicted that He is the
Savior and the only way to get out of sin. This, of course, is true today. You do
not become a Christian because your parents or grandparents were Christians.
You come to faith the way everyone comes to faith and the obedience that faith
produces – by hearing and obeying the gospel of Christ.
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