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Romans ~ Hello Everybody!
Rom. 16:1-16
If Paul had something like the modern contact list, Romans chapter 16 reads like
it came from that list. It shows us, Paul was not a teaching/writing robot. It
wasn’t like just taking dictation from the Holy Spirit and writing down those
words or delivering sermons in some sort of dry, mechanical way that dreads the
start of each grueling day. This is a refreshing look into the heart and life of the
apostle Paul.
I picture Christians like Phoebe (“a servant of the church at Cenchreae”), not as
a reluctant worker but a wholehearted “patron of many.” She was the kind of
person who would do what nobody else wanted to do. She saw what needed to
be done, didn’t complain that nobody was doing it, she just put her hands to the
task. She was worthy of being welcomed and helped, but would never have
claimed or demanded attention. Paul commended her.
Then begins the section where Paul says something like, “Say hello to…,” and
there is this long list that begins in verse 3 with a married couple who had “risked
their necks” for Paul. While Paul was certainly a prominent personality in the
early church, he never begged for any vain attention. And, he was always aware
of all the good people who helped him, prayed for him, supported him and
endangered their lives for him to continue preaching the gospel.
This was no grinding, dreary writing assignment for Paul. With joy he opened up
his contact list, said “hello” to fellow workers and then asked that greetings be
shared: “Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ greet
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