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Romans ~ Final Words
Rom. 16:17-27
In Romans 14, Paul urged tolerance. But not about anything and everything. He
wanted the Christians in Rome to be tolerant and patient with one another in
matters where no sin was involved. Differences in menus, observances, etc. (this
might be a good place to go back and read chapter 14).
Now, when you get to Rom. 16:17,18, this is not the same as those neutral
matters of personal opinion. If someone in the local church is causing division,
you can’t treat that as directed in Romans 14. You treat that as directed here, in
verses 17 & 18 of chapter 16. If a brother or sister is creating obstacles, blocking
good work, rebelling against God and serving their own appetite, that’s not the
same as the matters back in chapter 14.
And the key to this is (right in the middle of verse 17), the phrase:
“…contrary to the doctrine.” Through the apostles of Christ, a doctrine was
delivered. We have it written in the New Testament. It wasn’t given from heaven
to be a curious literary document with some option to read if you want. The
teachings of the New Testament were given to guide and direct us and limit us
to what God wants.
Disobedience to “the doctrine” cannot be ignored or treated as if a personal
opinion. Paul said, “watch out” for these people and “avoid them.” Verse 19
follows up with Paul commending their obedience.”
As the Roman epistle ends, Paul gives the reader this stunning and pure look at
the development of divine revelation. God had a plan formed in His mind
before the world began. It was not immediately disclosed: “kept secret for long
ages.” Through inspired men, it was “disclosed” or revealed: “made known to all
nations,” for what purpose? “To bring about the obedience of faith.”
“To the only wise God be glory forever more through Jesus Christ. Amen.”
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