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Romans ~ The Writer
Rom. 1:1
When I read a book, either before I start and soon after, I want to know something about the
author. It supplies perspective or as is said these days, it “tells me where the author is coming
from.” In the ultimate or original sense, every book in the Bible comes from God. But God
used human writers and some knowledge of their personal perspective is part of the historical
We are able to see into the heart of Paul in every epistle he wrote. As Romans begins, here is
what we discover:
Paul was a servant of Christ Jesus. He turned his life over to Jesus Christ, to be cleansed
by Him and to live under His authority. It was slavery, but of the highest sort, serving the King
of kings and Lord of lords. He had been a slave of sin, but in obeying the gospel he became a
slave of righteousness (6:17,18). He was not enslaved to pride, to alcohol, to lust, money or a
human religious system. He was glad to be a slave (servant) of Jesus Christ, the King of kings.
Paul was called to be an apostle. He was one of the men selected specifically to spread the
gospel in the initial early time. He was an apostle “not from men nor through man, but through
Jesus Christ and God the Father…, (Gal. 1:1). He was sent, not to create a message but to
deliver the message created by the Creator.
Paul was separated or set apart for the gospel of God. Apostleship was not an honorary
title, award or badge. It was a privilege to tell people God’s plan and lead people to serve
Christ. A privilege, but accompanied by toil, sacrifice and passion.
Now you know the human writer. Keep reading Romans to become better acquainted with
the One he served. Then learn how you can serve the Master Paul served.
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