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Romans ~ The Promise Fulfilled
Rom. 1:2
Romans 1:2 is telling us, the gospel revealed in the New Testament is really the fulfilment of
a promise God made long before Jesus came! It is important to grasp this as you begin reading
Romans. In fact, as you enter the New Testament and read the gospels and the epistles, it
should not be forgotten that what is described in the Old Testament in prophetic
announcements is coming to pass in the narratives of the New Testament and in the person
and work of Jesus Christ.
The gospel of God was “promised before through His prophets in the Holy Scriptures.” This
statement has roots back in Genesis. (Actually, prior to that in the mind of God, see Eph. 1:4).
The Genesis connection is seen in the promises made to Abraham, that from his offspring,
the families of the earth would be offered spiritual blessing. These promises were repeated to
Isaac and Jacob. Beyond Genesis, in the days of Moses, in the time of Samuel, David, the
kings and the prophets – over and over God said a Savior was coming. Jeremiah spoke of a
new covenant.
The gospel explained in Romans was promised by God. Here on earth, we often make
plans, change plans, revise plans and move from plan “A” through half the alphabet. God had
one plan. It was clear to Him. He followed through in His time and wisdom. Christ came. The
plan is now clear to us. The only question left is, have you responded?
The gospel is centered in Jesus Christ. In Him, everything is brought into focus from God for
man, a means of reconciliation between God and man through Jesus Christ. Again, the
repeated question for the individual reader/student is: Have you responded?
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