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Romans ~ Grace & Apostleship
Rom. 1:5
As the Roman letter begins, Paul is careful to explain his apostleship in these terms: “Through
whom we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith for the
sake of His name, among all the nation,” (Rom. 1:5).
Paul and the other apostles did not earn the right to become apostles. They were recipients of
grace. Apostleship was not an award earned by winners. It was an assignment given to men to
share the message about the only way to be on the winning side. Respond to Jesus Christ.
What does that mean, respond to Jesus Christ? Look back at the verse. The apostles received this
message and delivered it, “to bring about the obedience of faith.” Stop here and note, any
discussion of responding to Jesus that rules out obedience ignores the very purpose of
apostles delivering the gospel! Faith discovers its’ existence in obedience. Everything after
Romans 1:5 confirms and explains that faith that is active in obedience – is the way sinners
must respond to Jesus Christ.
Add to that, there is a higher purpose. In addition to an individual sinner being saved, the
obedience of faith is “for the sake of His name.” Every act of obedience glorifies God and
honors the name of Christ. And the core intention of the Great Commission is, that people
“among all the nations” hear this message and have the opportunity to obey and honor the
name of Christ.
The gospel is good news for all who will respond in faith. But faith inevitably issues in
obedience. Faith is not intellectual assent to a series of propositions but surrender to the one
who asks us to trust him. To surrender is to obey. Biblical faith is not some mild assent to a
collection of ethical maxims but an active commitment of one's life. Obedience is the true
measure of a person's faith. --- Robert Mouncei
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