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Consumer-Owner Candidate
for the Weaver Street Market Board of Directors
One consumer owner is running for WSM's Board of Directors.
Your vote matters! Remember to vote by November 17.
Thanks for your participation!
“WSM supports local and small-scale
agriculture. Key benefits of supporting
local farmers includes reducing transportation costs and global warming.
I believe in WSM’s vision and would appreciate opportunity to contribute my
experience in achieving WSM’s goals.”
Nazmin Alani
experience to work in many countries and meet different people
Candidate Statement from all parts of the world. I recently took an early retirement
Describe your occupation and offer in late 2019. My spouse and
I have shopped at WSM since
community involvement:
For the last 16 years, I was a Partner moving from Canada to Chapel
with a Venture Capital firm invest- Hill in 1999.
ing in early stage technology companies along with other venture My personal views are well aligned
capitalists with focus on working with WSM’s strategy and goals. As
with other investors and founders an example, the benefit of shopto help realize positive econom- ping at WSM includes, supporting
ic outcomes for all stake holders local and small-scale agriculture.
involved including Employees, The benefit of supporting local
farmers reduces transportation
Founders and Investors.
costs and carbon footprint. CarOn my personal side, I have been bon foot-print is a global chalinvolved with a number of com- lenge and has to be addressed.
munity organizations including The current rate of food supply
Greensboro Day Care, Toastmas- growth cannot support the popters, Children’s Hospital (CHEO), ulation of our planet by 2050. We
and Help Lesotho, a non-profit or- will need better yields and less
ganization with a vision to promote consumption of water by using
gender equity in an HIV/AIDS-free smart irrigation techniques. These
global trends are examples where
WSM can support local farmers
Why do you want to serve on the who are applying technologies to
Board of Directors?
improve yield, and reducing water
After 16 years in Venture Capital consumption.
and 22 years in telecommunications, wireless and strategy con- What experience do you have
sulting, I have had the fortunate with Weaver Street Market, co- 11 -
operatives, or small community-minded businesses?
My experience with WSM is limited to shopping at WSM. I have
some exposure to a COOP Bank as
customer. My wife and I are strong
believers in supporting community minded businesses. We continue to support local restaurants
and farmers market given the current COVID-19 pandemic.
What experience, skills, or perspectives will you bring to the
As a board member, member of
Human Resource and Audit committees in private and non-profit
organizations over the last sixteen plus years, I have learned a
lot about understanding the role
of the board versus management
in a company. My experience as
a board member in over sixteen
start-ups has allowed me to become an effective board member. I am also a certified director.
I have taken a Board Certification
program with the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD). I believe
that my experience as a board
member and training provides a
strong foundation to contribute
to WSM’s strategy.
Include anything else about yourself that you may like others to
I enjoy travelling. My bucket list is
to see every country on his planet.
Contact information:
984-215-9130 (cell)

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