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What it means to be a co-op
A message from the Board:
It’s been a challenging year, and it seems like the challenges just keep coming. We are pleased to report that
our co-operative structure has enabled us to adjust
our operations for everyone’s safety and well-being.
Heartfelt thanks to our amazing consumer and worker
owners. Your dedication to the co-op, your resilience
and adaptability have been outstanding!
Weaver Street Market Board
From left: Alice Ammerman, Linda Stier, Dave Bright, Jon McDonald,
Glenda Clare, Ruffin Slater. Missing from photo: Charles Traitor.
Vibrant, sustainable food marketplace
Weaver Street Market is a vibrant, sustainable food marketplace, based on shared economics, shared community,
and shared knowledge. We are oriented around four pillars:
• Trusted quality—selling goods that are fresh,
healthy, and sustainable.
• Responsibly sourced—partnering with local growers,
producer co-ops, and game-changing producers.
Shared economics
...means that consumers and workers
own and operate the co-op for our mutual
• Worker owners source and prepare
the best foods and create a convenient
and enjoyable shopping experience.
• Consumer owners go out of their way
to shop at the co-op, which creates a
good living for worker owners and
• Our co-operative dividend structure
keeps any surplus in community.
• For the community—serving and benefiting
our community.
• By the Community—participating together
as consumer and worker-owners.
Shared community
Shared knowledge
...means that the co-op serves as
a community hub:
• Creating ‘third places’ that serve
as community gathering places.
• Building a diverse and
welcoming culture.
• Addressing important
community issues such as
alleviating hunger.
...means that we gather and share
information about food, co-ops,
and community issues:
• Maximizing the wellbeing
of workers, consumers,
and community.
• Telling the story of how co-ops
are an innovative solution to
societal issues.
• Tracking Weaver Street’s
accomplishments, challenges,
and trade-offs.
Help make our co-op better!
We’re proud of what we do, but we can make our co-op
even better. Here is how you can help:
• Take the owner survey at this link. You’ll get 10% off on
your next shop as our thanks. We’ve added questions
to better understand your changing shopping and meal
needs during the pandemic.
• In the survey, indicate how you would like to get more
involved, such as:
- Attending online events such as tastings, cooking
demonstrations, and classes.
- Helping select new products and providing product
- Spreading the word about Weaver Street.
- Learning more about Weaver Street’s mission.
• Come to the online owner event on November 11
at 6:30 PM. It’s an opportunity to learn more about
Weaver Street and participate in a round-table
discussion with Board members. Signup here.

Owner EventOwner Survey

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