Weller The Original. NAM 2019 - Page 242

Special applications
Side cutters for use in medical device
The 632NCF miniature side cutter is ideally suited for soft material such
as silicone tubes in medical device applications, precision connector
seals or miniature rubber seals.
The miniature cutter is also the ideal tool for cutting soft synthetic
parts, e.g. in the manufacture of hearing aids.
The cutting edges of the 632NCF side cutter are precision-ground to
an extremely high level. This enables the ­cutter to deliver a razor-like
full-flush cut.
Tip cutters to remove fine pitch SMD ICs
A simple method to remove SMD ICs is to cut each of the individual
leads to remove the device and then reflow the joint with a soldering
iron and remove the component leads from the board.
The solder left on the board can then be removed with a desoldering
tool or desolder braid and a new component fitted.
The 670EP and 670EPF have fine pointed tapered and relieved heads
that are able to fit between individual leads and cut them without causing damage to the printed circuit.
Tungsten-carbide cutter for the preparation of
cardio-vascular stents
A stent is a vascular-wall prop. It is a lattice-shaped tube made of
stainless steel or nickel-titanium. It serves to hold open constricted
coronary blood vessels and improves the flow of blood through the
It is important in stent manufacture that the cut end of any wire in the
lattice is as flat as possible, otherwise it will be necessary rework the
These side cutters have fine polished carbide cutting blades to accurately cut the lattice and reduce the need for rework.
High-precision side cutters
for cutting stainless wires
The 599TFO has wear resistant tungsten-carbide cutting edges and all
round ­capability. It is able to cut VectranTM braided wires, fiber optics,
Kevlar® and small stainless steel braids and wires.
A further application lies in telecommunications, i.e. working on
fiber-optic cables, Kevlar® silks and piano wires.
Precision Tools


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