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Side cutters and tip cutters
Cut shape
There are three blade
options, which determine the
Semi Flush SF
shape left on a lead after cutting.
Flush F
Semi Flush SF
Super Full Flush FF
Flush F This cut leaves a pyramidal tip at
the end of the wire. It is particularly
suitable for standard jobs where the
Full Flush FF final shape does not play a significant
role. Cutters with this cut are suitable
Semi Flush SF
for both soft copper wires and very
hard wires such as stainless steel.
Flush F
r Full Flush FF This cut leaves a much smaller tip at the
end of the wire than the semi-flush cut –
without reducing the cutting ability. The
cutting edges are finer than on semi-flush
cutters. The effort exerted when cutting
is less and the load on the component
is reduced. Flush wire ends reduce
the effort needed to fit components on
printed-circuit boards. Erem guarantees
precise cutting even after frequent use.
S uper full flush
Only Erem offers you a super full flush cut.
This cut provides absolutely flush wire
No rework is needed. Cutters with this cut
are absolutely precision-ground and
sharpened. The effort exerted when
cutting is low, as is the load on the
component caused by the cut. Soldering
tags in soldering-bath procedures are
prevented. Cutters of this type are used
in applications for m
­ icroelectronics,
space travel or medical technology.
These ­cutters are suitable for soft wires.
Erem is your service partner. All Erem side and tip cutters
except those with carbide insert blades can be resharpened upto three times. Carriage charges will apply.
Precision Tools
Replacement parts
Erem cutters and pliers and their component parts are
warranted against manufacturing defects. Magic springs,
precision joint components are available as spare parts.


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