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Facts of the farm

140 animals, 20 VikingRed
and 120 VikingHolstein

305 days milk yield average
12,230 kg, 4.1% fat,
3.5% protein

ECM 13,007 kg
(Energy Corrected Milk)

Average calving interval
378 days

100 ha of fields

100 ha of forest
Breeding and feeding are the key to success.
machinery purchases are evaluated with
care. They also leave most of the field
and harvest work to contractors.
Secondly, they make sure they use
their time efficiently. They focus on
what they are good at and outsource all
the accounting, grant applications and
budgeting work. Hannu explains that
this type of external support is carefully
thought through.
Thirdly, as their money comes from
milk, they prefer to invest in great
animal genetics. To a great extent, this
means, preventive care when it comes
to animal welfare and health. Breeding
and feeding are the key to success. They
take their time to ensure they find the
best solutions to go with here.
Mia’s expertise in action
Breeding is close to Mia’s heart. She
knows her cows well, and remembers all
their names, pedigrees and their special
characteristics. When they decided to
expand the herd, they used a lot of X-Vik
semen. “We are now in a position to actually start choosing animals with stricter criteria, and thanks to this, we can
expect the herd to develop even faster
towards our goals,” Mia expects.
Most of the herd is VikingHolstein and VikingRed is in the minority.
Most of the herd is VikingHolstein
and VikingRed is in the minority.
They are very happy about the enormous amount of work and data behind
the Nordic index calculations. Even
when working as a seminologist Mia
provided health date on the animals to
the Nordic big data. Finland, Denmark
and Sweden have been collecting fertility
and health data for longer than any other
region. “Using indices is not just about
refining numbers. I have seen how the
indices work in practice. I have complete trust in the VikingGenetic breeding programme,” says Mia.
Top genetic material
VikingGenetics is interested in the
genetic material of the Kaunisto herd.
The herd contains many high NTM cows
that are used to breed the next generation of VikingGenetics sires.
Embryo flushing and transfers are
also performed at Kaunisto Farm. They
are doing contract embryo flushing
with VikingGenetics. Most of the
embryos they have used on their farm
come from these flushes, but some
embryos are bought from the
VikingEmbryo programme.
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