VikingNews Global 2-2019 FINAL - Page 18

VikingHolstein international success
VH Brook
- the new number one proven bull is
shaking up the rankings in UK
ikingHolstein Brook is making
history in the United Kingdom
(UK) ranking number one for the
daughter-proven Holstein sires and topping both of the new indexes - autumn
and spring calving. “At VikingGenetics
we are able to offer farmers the highest
reliability with our bulls; what we offer is
what we deliver to the farmer. We are
really happy that our top selling genomic
bull in the UK has become also the
number one daughter-proven bull”, Sara
Wiklert Petersson, Chief Sales Officer
from VikingGenetics says.
vikingnews | November 2019
VH Brook is also moving the foundations of cattle breeding in the UK. “In a
brand-new ranking dominated by US
genetics, the Danish-bred Viking bull,
VH Brook, rises to the top, graduating
from the young sire genomic ranking
with early milking daughters”, AHDB
states in a press release saying “Viking
incursion breachers US stronghold”.
VH Brook’s Profitable Lifetime Index
(PLI) of £794 is the highest of the available
proven bulls and reflects the high fat
and protein percentages in his Predicted
Transmitting Ability (PTA), at +0.23%
and +0.12% respectively. He combines
this with breed-leading udder health
figures (-40 SCC, -5 Mastitis), reflecting
the significant emphasis placed on
these traits over many years in the
Nordic countries, the communication
from the UK Dairy continues.
VH Brook is also at the top of the
Across-breed autumn calving list which
is clearly dominated by Holsteins.
“At the top of this ranking is the
Danish-bred VH Brook, the bull which
also leads the way for Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI) and features in the top


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