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Genetics that works
no matter where you are
#1 in UK in £PLI (Profitable Lifetime
Index) of proven bulls.
£PLI is 794.
Bull dams also
in the spotlight
shared #2 in Germany in RZG (German
total merit index) of genomic bulls.
RZG is 164.
To be among the few selected bulls that get to become the
sires of the next generation, males need to match many
requirements. Even though genomic testing is crucial and
highly reliable for a bull to be selected, VikingGenetics
always makes a visual examination of a dam before making
the final decision to purchase.
shared #10 in Australia in $BPI index
(BPI = Balanced Performance Index).
$BPI is 331
By Claus Langdahl, Senior Holstein Breeding Manager
five for Spring Calving Index (£SCI).
With an ACI of £668, Brook is the first
of 10 Holsteins to take the top 10 places on this across-breed ranking,
designed to pinpoint the sires which
transmit economic superiority in a
typical autumn block-calving,
winter-housed, UK situation”, the
AHDB Dairy informs.
Brook features excellent milk
solids and outstanding udder health
and has the best TB Advantage prediction in the top five ranked on £ACI
(the new Autumn Calving Indexes).
Claus Langdahl, VikingGenetics’
Senior Holstein Breeding Manager
says that VH Brook is an example of
how long term selection for health
and fertility as well as good components shows outstanding genetics
that provides profitable cows for
farmers all over the world. “High ranking genomic bulls show their worth –
measured on milking daughters, and
our selection philosophy works for the
UK system”, he says.
ost of our purchased bulls
are from heifers that may not
have calved themselves yet
and as such, we will not have had the
opportunity to see the phenotypes of
the bull dam. But it is important to
emphasise that the performance of
the bull dam itself is also part of the
selection focus.
When we look at the dams of bulls
purchased between 1 January 2017
and 1 July 2018 –90 bulls in total – we
can see that these bull dams have
produced almost 11,000 kg milk with
4.27% fat and 3.62% protein.
Please note that 80% of these
dams are 1st calf cows so this is a
very high production level.
In comparison, in table 2 we can
see the average classification of the
bull dams with 83 for frame, 84 for
feet and legs and 85 for mammary.
As mentioned, it takes quite
something to be among the selected
bulls at VikingGenetics – including
that the bull dam performs well in
production and conformation.
Table 1: Average production of bull dams
Dams of
VikingHolstein bulls
Feet & legs
Table 2. Average classification of bull dams
Dams of
VikingHolstein bulls
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