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Innovative Breeding for a
sustainable future
VikingGenetics aims to
reduce carbon footprint
s the global population increases, global demand for
animal products is expected to double in the coming
decades. Animal products are a great source of proteins
that are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet. To meet
this growing demand, global animal production should increase
while taking into account environmental sustainability, efficiency
and animal welfare.
The cattle breeding sector can contribute to finding solutions
that are cost and resource efficient, and at VikingGenetics we are
taking important steps to provide dairy farmers with innovative
breeding for a sustainable future. In this issue you can read more
about how our breeding programme can support the United
Nations global sustainable development goals. As part of our
philosophy, we invest in the research and development of a
reliable solution to reduce the carbon footprint of cows by genetic
selection, and we have the advantage of already having designed
a climate-friendly cow several years ago.
In this issue, you can also see the results of the world’s longest
running study comparing crossbred dairy cows with purebred
Holsteins. The study was performed by the University of
Minnesota (U.S.), and has demonstrated that ProCROSS cows
produce lifetime profits of 33% higher than pure Holstein cows.
As always, we also provide an update on our latest news from
our three breeds: VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey,
and we are proud to share with you the outstanding performance
of our genetics in global markets.
Enjoy your reading!
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vikingnews | November 2019


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