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News from VikingRed
Bull dams are excellent cows
VikingRed bulls rank high in
international top lists, and they
are prominent in the pedigrees
of many top bulls around the
world. A high proportion of semen from VikingRed sires is
used in the ProCROSS concept, the only scientifically
proven cross breeding
programme in
the world.
VikingRed 2019
No. cows
Fat +
Protein kg
757 kg
Fat %
4.4 %
Protein %
3.5 %
Fat kg
419 kg
Protein kg
338 kg
When it comes to genomic selection and breeding by indices, we’re
sometimes asked the question: Are you sure it works? This is a very good
question as it is always necessary to evaluate if theory also works in practice.
By Jakob Lykke Voergaard, Breeding Manager VikingRed
s most breeding is for heifers
today, it’s difficult to say if the
heifer will become a good cow
before buying bulls. To maintain a high
quality of bulls, all dams of the bought
bulls are inspected. VikingGenetics has
made a statistical analysis of bulls
bought in the period 1.1 2017 to 1.7 2018.
The statistics contain 88 VikingRed
bulls. Only five of the dams do not have
a classification and two dams do not
have production data. As many of the
dams have not yet milked for 305 days it
is difficult to evaluate the kg of production, however the percentages are great
so far with 4.61 in fat and 3.76 in protein.
Dam to VR Uday that is one of the bulls in
the analysis
When looking at classification, the averages are 81 for body, 82 for feet and legs
and 83 for udder.
Milk (305 days) 9,627 kg
NAV January 2019
VikingRed is the leader in the UK
armers in the UK looking for Ayrshire semen with good PLI,
should consider VikingRed. PLI is
the total economic index in the UK. Of
the list of proven Ayrshire bulls, VikingGenetics has five of top six, which is
very impressive.
With a PLI of 644, VR Faabeli is number one with good production, good fertility and low cell count. He also does
very well on the Viking home market
where he is number six at the list of
proven red bulls with +25 in the NTM.
The two next bulls on the list are very
close with VR Vimpula a PLI of 507 in PLI
and VR Gobel with a PLI of 505.
VR Vimpula offers great production
while VR Gobel delivers low cell count
and very good fertility. They both have
+17 in NTM. The old bull Pell Pers is number five on the list sharing the ranking
with VR Feton both with a PLI of 473.
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