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“We want to increase
production and keep
the components high”
Leo Hansen is the Danish herd manager in charge of 1,050 cows at Härjanurme in Estonia.
Most of the cows are Holsteins, but there are also some red and crossbred animals in the
herd. Average production is about 12,000 kg milk / cow / year, 4.20% fat and 3.45% protein.
By Seppo Niskanen, Export Manager
One of the three Sadala barns.
Leo Hansen, Mads Fjordside and general manager Jairus of Sadala Agro.
1,100 dairy cows, 600 beef cows.
Leo Hansen and Mads Fjordside view the results of the Härjanurme herd.
The farm is Danish owned and has 1,000 cows.
kind of big herd. Usually I recommend using 5-6 bulls for
5-6 months, then we change the bulls,” says Fjordside.
Leo has also used sexed semen in the herd with good results.
In addition to sexed semen, beef semen is used for the lowest end.
eo, who also spent a short period at the VikingGenetics
bull station, has been working on the farm for four
years, so he has seen the first generation of the daughters of the bulls he has selected for breeding in production.
Härjanurme Farm has been in Danish ownership since
2006. “The first generation already looks good. The plan is to
gain a harmonious herd with high production, health and
conformation. The next generation will be always better than
the previous one,” says Danish breeding advisor Mads
Fjordside. He has helped Hansen select good bulls for the
herd. “It is important to find the most suitable bulls for this
vikingnews | November 2019
VikingHolstein and VikingRed perform
at their best in a farm in Estonia
Sadala Agro is located in East Estonia close to Tartu. They milk
about 1,100 cows today, half Holstein and half Red. The average yearling milk production is about 12,000 milk / cow. In
addition to dairy cows, the farm has also 600 beef cows.


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