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Choosing the breeding
company to buy the
semen from is like a
religion. We believe in
NTM because it is based
on science, so it’s an easy
choice for us
Gustav Kämpe
Encouraging the next generation
The two Kämpe children are interested
in the animals. They have two ponies on
the farm and they enjoy riding, sharing
their mother’s interest. “It’s so nice to
watch them riding, and especially as the
ponies are home bred and same age as
the children,” says Sofia with a smile.
Last summer, when they had visitors
to the farm and both Sofa and Gustav
was busy, Viggo showed them around
and explained everything about the
farm, from machinery to the cows. “That
made me really proud as a father!”
Gustav says. “They already know and
have picked up so many things.”
Sofia is eager to show the kids that
it’s not all hard work on a dairy farm. “We
need to show them it’s also fun and let
them show others and be proud of what
we are doing,” says Sofia. To this end,
Sofia and Gustav invited 15 youngsters
to their farm aged from 8 to16, on a twoday look and learn camp last summer.
They learned how to prepare the heifers
for a show, how to train them, how to
“read” them, and at the end held a
showmanship competition. “It was a lot
of fun, and the competition at the end
”We encourage our kids to invite friends and be proud.”
was the icing on the cake. We are
organising another camp next
summer,” the proud parents say. “It
was also very good for us, because
we got a whole group of heifers
trained and handled,” Sofia adds.
“We encourage our kids to invite
friends and be proud. We will also
encourage them to take their schooling seriously to gain a wider perspective on life before deciding on their
own future,” Gustave adds.
*Cattle feed intake (CFIT) obtained via 3D cameras installed above the cows in feeding areas
Facts of the farm

3 robots

200 cows: 60% VikingRed,
40% VikingHolstein

11,500 kg ECM, 3.6% protein,
4.3% fat
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