2019 Voya Product Brochure Update 2018 V3 - Page 2

D i d you kn ow ?
O ur s tor y is one of
• VOYA is a journey that began
I n nov at io n Integ rit y
and Respect for the sea in 1912 when the first seaweed
For over 10 years, VOYA has led
the way for results-driven, certified
organic skincare worldwide.
Created lovingly by the Walton
family, on the west coast of Ireland,
VOYA is the world’s first certified
organic seaweed based skincare
range. We specialise in using
hand-picked wild Irish seaweed
to help improve your health, skin
and wellbeing.
VOYA are the leading experts in
harnessing the endless restorative
and healing powers of seaweed.
We blend our cherished natural
resource with a wealth of the purest
organic active ingredients and
essential oils, to give you the skin
of your dreams.
Our evolving range now includes
over 50 products, from advanced
organic facial products for specific
skin concerns to home fragrances;
giving you the power to emulate the
full VOYA spa experience at home.
VOYA’s renowned, award-winning
products and treatments have
raised people’s expectations of
organic skincare into something
exceptional, luxurious, and
very effective.
baths opened in Strandhill,
Co. Sligo, Ireland.
• Seaweed bathing is a 300year-old tradition and Ireland’s
only indigenous therapy.
• The northwest of Ireland’s
shoreline is one of the cleanest
and most unpolluted on earth.
• VOYA’s seaweed is sustainably
sourced, selected by eye
and handpicked.
• VOYA uses the world’s highest
standard of organic certification
as determined by the
Soil Association.
• All our skincare products contain
powerful, organic anti-oxidant and
anti-ageing properties.
• Seaweed boosts the immune
system and helps to maintain a
healthy thyroid gland, and is
proven to detoxify, hydrate and
nourish your skin and hair.
• Seaweed has been used as an
effective treatment for conditions
like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis
and acne.
Wh y go o rgan ic ?
• Organic extracts are
anti-microbial and have
a solid reputation as
a natural healer.
• Organic products reduce the
number of chemicals in contact
with your skin, which can be up
to 200 daily with non-organic
• Parabens and other chemicals
found in daily cosmetics not only
destroy the beneficial properties
of seaweed, but can harm your
health and the environment.
• Seaweeds contain algal
polyphenols and carotenoids
which are powerful antioxidants,
and have also been proven to
fight the major causes of disease
and ageing.
• The skin is the body’s largest
organ. It only takes 20 seconds
for it to absorb any chemical that
touches it and for that chemical to
enter the bloodstream.

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