2019 Voya Product Brochure Update 2018 V3 - Page 3

VOYA Philo so p hy
Pac k a g ing
VOYA prides itself on creating highly effective,
exceptional skincare products within an ethos
of sustainability and certified organic standards
applied from shore to shelf.
VOYA‘s products are packaged using recycled,
recyclable or biodegradable materials. New outer
packaging is made from dried seaweed and
vegetable inks which are ground down to a powder
and mixed with paper.
O ur Green Com m itme n t
VOYA is certified by the organic standards of the
Organic Soil Association, Irish Organic Farmers
and Growers Association and the Global Organic
Textile Standard.
Sus tai n ab le H a r vest i n g
VOYA’s team of expert harvesters only use sustainable
and conservative harvesting practices when removing
seaweed. This ensures no damage is caused to the
beautiful coastline of County Sligo, Ireland or to its
precious flora.
An im a l Test ing
VOYA is opposed to the practice of animal testing
in cosmetic research and none of its production
processes involve such methods.
S ea l Rescue Irela nd
VOYA is not only proud to officially sponsor Seal
Rescue Ireland but also adopt one seal for every
month of the year.
I n gredients
VOYA‘s products contain certified organic ingredients
(minimum 70%) and are made without artificial colours
or artificial fragrances, mineral oils, GM ingredients,
dioxins (carcinogenic), petrolatum or petrochemicals
(derived from petroleum), parabens, imidazolidinyl
urea, sodium lauryl sulphate (detergent), propylene
glycol, hexane, phthalates or aluminium.
We care deeply
about the planet
and about what you
put on your skin.

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