The Perfect Collection by Mr. Richard Gooding Digital Catalogue - Page 5

By Iain McClune
Founder of Whisky Auctioneer
hisky Auctioneer is thrilled and
honoured to present The Perfect
Collection by Mr. Richard Gooding. A
collection unlike anything that we have seen before
and are likely to see again, its sheer scale and rarity
makes it one of the most significant discoveries in
the whisky world.
The Perfect Collection is the culmination of one
man’s enduring passion for Scotch whisky. The
library of very special bottles, gathered with care and
dedication over the course of two decades, conveys
Mr. Gooding’s sheer devotion to not only the art of
collecting whisky but also to the joy of drinking it.
For the team at Whisky Auctioneer it has been a
long and fascinating journey bringing the collection
to auction. From initial discovery to visiting Mr.
Gooding’s ‘Pub’ in Colorado, followed by months of
meticulous research into the bottles and the curation
of each auction, each step has offered further insight
into the stunning diversity that Scotch whisky can
offer and the dedication it can inspire.
For me it is the diversity within The Perfect
Collection that is perhaps the most exciting aspect of
the offering. This breadth makes it an opportunity
accessible for all, from the budding enthusiasts new
to whisky collecting to the seasoned connoisseur
looking to crown their collection, there is something
here for every whisky lover.
We look forward to bringing The Perfect Collection
to auction, igniting around the globe the same
level of passion and interest felt by Mr. Gooding
for this iconic spirit. It is with great pleasure that I
can now offer a preview of The Perfect Collection,
showcasing the truly exceptional whiskies within.

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