The Perfect Collection by Mr. Richard Gooding Digital Catalogue - Page 52

It has been over 500 years since distilling ingrained
itself in Scotland’s rugged landscape. Over the
decades, history has witnessed the closure of many
distilleries in Scotland, each one a loss to the whisky
world. Global conflict, economic downturn and
prohibition can all be considered contributing factors
to these distilleries falling by the wayside. Perhaps
the most infamous swathe of closures occurred in
the 1980s, a result of a range of factors including
the economic downturn, oversupply of stocks and
prevailing demand for blended whisky.
There is currently still stock available from almost 50
lost distilleries; luckily, we are still able to enjoy their
legacy, but for how long? With dwindling supplies
these are the scarcest of whiskies to try to obtain and
taste. The limited nature of these bottles combined
with their reputation for exceptional quality echoed
over time has made these lost distilleries exceptionally

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