The Perfect Collection by Mr. Richard Gooding Digital Catalogue - Page 6

Philanthropist and businessman Mr. Richard
Gooding pursued a variety of interests over the
course of his life, from aviation to languages, boat
design to food and travel, he took pleasure in a great
many things. However, in his later years, it was a
love for whisky that took centre stage, with both
collecting and enjoying the spirit becoming a key
part of his life.
This love was not formed in a moment
but rather over years of tasting and
exploring the diverse array of single
malt whiskies produced by Scotland’s
distilleries. As his appreciation grew
so did his dedication and passion for
- Mrs. Nancy Gooding, wife of the late Mr. Gooding
His goal was to own single malt whisky from every
Scottish distillery, whether open or closed. A true
labour of love, he would go to great lengths to secure
a much sought after bottle, travelling
regularly to Scotland with his pilot and
driving to the remotest of distilleries.
one of Richard’s
greatest passions”
“It was clear to us as a family that
collecting Scotch was one of Richard’s greatest
passions – an endeavour that spanned over two
He loved every aspect of it; from researching the
many single malt distilleries to visiting them and
tasting their whiskies”.
A private man, Mr. Gooding was
not known in wider whisky circles,
preferring to enjoy his favourite
whiskies with his friends at home in
his ‘Pub’, a room created specially to
display his collection. On his passing
in 2014, Mr Gooding’s collection totalled over 3,900
bottles of primarily Scotch whisky.

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